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With your recent promotion at the end of 2014, you are looking forward to the start of the new year.  After working hard all day, you leave the office a little after five. and set out for a business dinner with a prospective client.  While driving, a speeding car barrels into the intersection. Smashing into the side of your car.

Dazed and confused, it takes a minute for you to realize what has just happened.  After getting over the initial shock from the side collision, you now understand that you have been in an automobile accident.  Frantically darting your eyes from one area of your body to the next, you are relieved to find no immediate injuries.  Thinking that everything is okay, you now decide to go check on the other driver.  Unbuckling your seatbelt, you slowly lift your hand towards the door, and lean forward.

Suddenly, a sharp pain emits from the side of your neck, forcing you to sit back down in the seat.  Furthermore, recognizing that you are suffering from whiplash, you call emergency services. and then you decide to wait for paramedics to arrive on scene.  Worried about your injury and when you will be able to get back to work, you nervously anticipate what the future holds in store for you.

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Do not allow an accident to ruin the new year.  If you have been recently injured in a car accident like this one, then you may be entitled to compensation.  Our team of Laguna Beach personal injury attorneys at Silverthorne Attorneys will get you the compensation that you need.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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