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Buena Park Personal Injury Attorney | Don’t Be Fooled by Insurance Companies

Every Buena Park personal injury attorney will warn you that most insurance companies look out for themselves and the defendants. They will work very hard in order to minimize the amount of money they pay towards claims. Any good Buena Park personal injury lawyer will tell you that more often than not, the insurance companies will leave you high-and-dry; leaving you without enough money to cover all of the damages. Hiring a Buena Park injury lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys will ensure that you will never be taken advantage of by the insurance companies. As a dedicated Buena Park car accident lawyer, we promise to always advocate for you and your family. Below, we have put together a few tricks that most insurance companies routinely employ when trying to evade or minimize their responsibility. If you are in need of a Buena Park accident attorney, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Consultations are free.



Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyer | Don’t Get Pushed Around

As a Buena Park personal injury attorney, we know that it can be very difficult to get the kind of settlement you truly deserve if you have been injured in an accident where another was negligent. Having a compassionate and loyal Buena Park personal injury lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys on your side will make all the difference in the world. We believe that your sole focus should be in healing, but we also are aware that insurance companies will try to make you jump through hoops just to get the process of seeking compensation started. Once you have the process started, you will be amazed just how hard some of the insurance companies will work in order to keep you from obtaining the kind of settlement you deserve.

Making sure you have a professional Buena Park car accident lawyer on your side will vastly increase your chances of getting the financial assistance you need to recover your health and resume your life. If you need a Buena Park accident attorney who cares about your needs and is ready to advocate for your best interests, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Buena Park Injury Lawyer | Insurance Companies Record Everything You Say

One thing every Buena Park personal injury attorney wants you to know about insurance companies is that when you initiate a call with them, they will record everything. You will likely hear a pre-recorded message warming you that they “may monitor and record your call,” however, unlike most customer service companies, who use these calls for training purposes, insurance companies can and will use whatever you say in order to not pay you the settlement you deserve.

Oftentimes the insurance companies will pressure you into making an official statement before you are ready to do so. They also have a tendency to pressure you into describing the incident in detail and if you forget to mention one of your injuries or use words that can easily be twisted to imply that your injuries are not as serious as you claim them to be.

Every Buena Park personal injury lawyer should advise you to not speak with the insurance companies on your own – even stating that you are sorry about the accident will allow them to imply that you are somehow partially at-fault. Insurance companies have the tendency to ask those injured in an accident “how are you feeling?” in order to fish for statements that can be used against you. The best way to avoid falling into these traps is to have a knowledgable Buena Park injury lawyer handle all official communication with the insurance companies.

Buena Park Car Accident Lawyer | Insurance Companies Will Rush You

As a Buena Park accident attorney, we are well aware the most insurance companies will frequently have an agent call you in order to encourage you to send your bills, medical records, work records, and other personal documents. They will often use the excuse of wanting to “check in” with you as a way to really “speed up” the process.

What most insurance companies seem to lack in understanding is that it can take time to fully recover from your injuries. Any seasoned Buena Park car accident lawyer realizes that serious injuries can result in temporary or even permanent disability and cost far more than the immediate medical bills – insurance companies know they can avoid the costs of permanent injuries if they push you to settle your case before you are ready.

Buena Park Accident Attorney | Insurance Companies Will Use Documents Against You

The insurance adjuster assigned to you may tell you that they require full access to your medical records, work history, and other private details of your life that may have nothing to do with your accident. They will also tell you that they have authorization to see these records when that is indeed false. The insurance companies are not entitled to all of your personal information.

While the bills and records regarding treatment for your injuries are important for your case, there is no reason for you to authorize all of your medical and work history to an insurance company. Any decent Buena Park personal injury attorney will tell you that agents often look for opportunities to claim that you had a pre-existing injury and/or condition prior to your accident.

A Buena Park Personal Injury Attorney Will Seek Justice For You

Every Buena Park injury lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys understands how devastating a serious accident can be for you and your family. Even if you you do not suffer from life-threatening injuries, the stress and worry of making sure you and your family are financially sound can be overwhelming. We truly believe that you should not have to worry about financial security due to someone else’s negligence. Whether it was you or a loved one who suffered in the accident, a caring Buena Park personal injury lawyer can be the key to winning your case.

We believe that every reputable injury attorney should deeply care about the individual circumstances and needs of each client. No one case is the same and your case should not be treated like everyone else’s. You deserve personal attention from a legal representative who has your best interests at heart.

Every member of our staff genuinely cares about making sure that our clients needs come first and they we get you the best settlement possible.

If you have been in an accident and want to ensure that your rights are being respected, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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