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What to do When If Car is Recalled

Mission Viejo car accident attorney

As a Mission Viejo car accident attorney we understand that a recall on your car can be a little shocking and quite possibly annoying. and after General Motors’ recall of over 5 million vehicles in 2014, we can understand why people would be frustrated when it comes to such recalls. That is why as a car crash lawyer in Mission Viejo, we have put together a list of things to do, just in case your car has been recalled. Most recalls are not a matter of life and death – and you may not need to seek out a Mission Viejo attorney, because of an accident, but as a Mission Viejo car crash attorney, we want you to be safe and know what your options are. If you still are unsure, you are more than welcome to schedule a consultation with your local Mission Viejo car accident lawyer – it is absolutely free!

Mission Viejo Attorney – Tips on What to do IF Your Car is Recalled

Mission Viejo Car Accident Attorney – DO NOT Panic

Most likely you will receive notice in the mail about your recall – this is an important letter, so don’t just overlook it. This letter will tell you the following:

  • Your car has been recalled within the last 30-days
  • The risk associated with whatever is defective in your car – usually meaning that there is a possibility of fire, loss of control over your vehicle, etc.
  • It will tell you that you need to take your car into a specific dealer for repairs
  • You will not be charged for any repairs to your car

As a part of the Highway Safety Act of 1970, you cannot be charged for the recall and replacement of a defective car part! Mission Viejo car crash attorney – the cost of dealer maintenance should not stop you from getting your car fixed.

Mission Viejo Car Accident Lawyer – Take Your Car to the Dealer

The recall letter you received will most likely tell you that you can bring your car in for the repair within 60 days of the recall notice. You will want to take your car into the dealer in a timely manner, as most people who have the same make and model from the same year as yours, will probably be doing the same.

Car Crash Lawyer in Mission Viejo – Recalls Are Not Imminent Dangers

Most part recalls are not because the problem presented is an imminent danger – unless otherwise specified. as a Mission Viejo attorney, statistically speaking, we rarely see recalls that will break down right away.

After you have taken your car in for the repairs, you should be good to go. Just remember not to panic!

Car Crash Lawyer in Mission Viejo

If you have been injured because of a car recall and negligence and you are in need of a Mission Viejo car accident attorney, please  contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free.

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