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Category Archives: Bus Accidents


Bus Accident in Blythe Closes Freeway

By Blythe Donham |

Blythe, CA: a tour bus in Blythe was taking its passengers to Los Angeles when it began to jackknife and the driver lost control of the wheel. the bus driver veered and tries to avoid anything in its way, including pipes. However, once the bus hit the pipes, four people died from the impact…. Read More »

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Casualty Car & Bus Accident in Anaheim

By Blythe Donham |

ANAHEIM, CA: on December 27th, 2016, a car accident involving a sedan and a bus turned deadly. the driver of the sedan quickly changed lanes, crashing into the front of the bus. the driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene. While fourteen of the passengers on the bus were hospitalized. Our… Read More »

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School Zone Accidents

By Ian Silverthorne |

Everyday throughout the school year, the welfare of California’s children is entrusted to the school bus system. Getting children safely to and from school depends on the work of school bus drivers and on safe driving by motorists around buses and bus stops. Although children are exposed to risk when riding school buses, great harm… Read More »

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