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Construction on Antonio and the 74 between Ladera Ranch and San Juan Capistrano

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We are nearing the second season we have in Southern California – green and rainy.  the rain brings with it a new set of driving requirements as the roads become slick and more dangerous. Drivers need to drive more carefully in these conditions. This is particularly important when the roads have an additional layer of dirt on them from new construction in Ladera Ranch.

Antonio is Being Expanded

Right now Antonio is being expanded and developed where it meets the 74 highway between Ladera Ranch and San Juan Capistrano.  as I was taking my daughter to school this morning, I noticed another driver careening down the road. He was driving as though two things were true: the road was dry and he was the only one on it.  the problem was that neither of these conditions were present.  Antonio has a layer of dirt on it from the development of Rancho Mission Viejo.  So not only was the road slicker from the rain, but it was even more dangerous because of the dirt on the road.  Rain lifts oil and grease up from the road after accumulating on the dry pavement.  This creates truly dangerous driving conditions.

This driver disregarded the construction warning signs as he was speeding towards the 74 highway and flew past the road workers.  I am sure he was late, in a hurry, or just important…  but how late will he be if he spins off the road?  How important would he feel if he caused an auto accident?  Thankfully he did not crash, but he was obviously driving too fast for the conditions present and was a danger to others around him.

Drive Carefully Through Construction in Ladera Ranch

Be more careful in your driving when conditions are not optimal.  the construction on Antonio and its effects will be there for a long time.  Even after the roadwork is complete there will still be multiple vehicles traveling to the worksite.  There will be an ongoing issue of dirt and dust accumulation on the road even if it is not obvious. and as the rainy season starts the conditions will become more dangerous.

Slow down and obey the traffic signs when you are driving on Antonio or near any construction site in Ladera Ranch.  Traffic signs are there for a reason.  When drivers are not cautious people get hurt and loved ones are lost.  There is no reason to risk your life or the life of others when you are driving.  Stay safe as the rain starts to fall in Ladera Ranch.  Drive a little slower and a little more carefully.

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