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Trusting Insurance Payouts to be Fair Could Cost You

The sad truth about insurance agents is that they are out to save their companies money in whatever way they can. That is their job, and they get ahead at work by reducing their payouts. This is really bad news for you if you are someone who has suffered from a negligent party’s mistake. It can be very hard to get fair treatment without a skilled Costa Mesa personal injury attorney on your side.

Often, the first contact with the at-fault party’s insurance agent will seem great. They will ask all about the details and tell you they are going to take care of it. However, your conversation will be recorded, and they will be looking for every excuse to accuse you of having some degree of responsibility for the incident or exaggerating your injuries.

Any experienced bodily injury lawyer has seen just how hard some agents work at denying claims against their companies, and it takes a strong advocate to go against them. If you need someone who will persistently work towards your best interests, please call us now for a free consultation that will let you hear just how dedicated we are.

Get a Costa Mesa Accident Lawyer Without Up-Front Payments

We never require you to make a down payment before seeking justice for your damages. Once we start your case, you are only required to pay for our services when your financial award has been won. If we are unable to secure you a settlement, then you won’t have to pay us a penny.

Here at Silverthorne Attorneys we proudly work on this contingency fee basis because it allows everyone to seek justice without regard to their financial situation. We believe that everybody deserves to have legal representation when they have been wronged, and we want to help you achieve success.

To learn more about how we can help you get the maximum compensation without requiring you to pay money up-front, please contact us for a complimentary consultation session with a seasoned Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer.

Always Seek Help for Your Injuries

When you have limited financial means, it can be tempting to avoid medical treatment that you know will be expensive. However, it is important for you to remember that the costs are reimbursable if they were caused by another person’s negligence. In fact, the negligent party’s insurance is often responsible for paying all of the expenses you incur as a result of a wrongful incident, although it can take a strong Costa Mesa bodily injury attorney to make them pay.

Your long-term health is incredibly important to you and your family. Avoiding a medical payment now is never worth the risk of having lasting complications that get in the way of your future. We always recommend that you get all of the medical care you need to recover.

“How is Negligence Determined?”

There are many factors in a given incident that may imply that someone is at fault due to negligence. The official police report, witness statements, and the at-fault party’s history of reckless behavior may all play an important role in supporting your case. If the person or business that caused you injury wasn’t acting in a manner that would keep others in society reasonably safe, then it is likely that the case involves wrongful actions.

While some cases seem more cut and dried than others, you should never underestimate how hard the responsible party’s insurance will fight to keep you from getting a fair deal. It sometimes takes official mediation or even a full trial to ensure that a victim’s rights are upheld. This tends to be where the issue of responsibility has to be argued and supported in complex cases.

A good personal injury lawyer should keep pushing against the resistance that wants to deny you a proper resolution. At Silverthorne Attorneys, we will take your case as far as it needs to go in order to achieve a great outcome for you.

When you are in need of a strong legal representative to advocate fiercely for you, please call us right away. The sooner you get started with a no-cost consultation, the sooner we can recover your losses.

Keep Little Ones Safe

There are few things worse for a Costa Mesa injury lawyer than seeing a child tragedy. Many times, child fatalities and injuries can be eliminated or reduced by following basic safety rules. Seat belts, helmets, life vests, and other safety equipment should always be used to help prevent injuries and death among children. Please make sure that the children in your life are protected.

As a driver, you must also keep the safety of children in mind. Be sure to stay particularly alert and cautious in Costa Mesa areas where children are likely to be present and possibly hard to see. At recreational areas like Fairview Park and Talbert Regional Park, it is important to watch for children in parking areas and near the roadside. Children can easily become distracted and wander onto a road, especially if chasing a ball or pet.

Schools like Wilson Elementary School tend to have marked driving zones, but it is important to look for the pavement markings and signs that indicate the presence of a school zone. Also, the neighborhoods around many schools do not necessarily have reduced speeds and warning signs. Please keep in mind where the schools near you are located so that you can be aware of when children in the area you are driving are walking to and from the local schools.

You’ve Found a Great Injury Attorney in Costa Mesa, California

Every member of our staff is dedicated to providing justice for victims of negligence. We never want you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and alone when you’ve suffered injuries that weren’t your fault. You should be able to focus on your recovery without having to worry about going back and forth for months with a tricky insurance agent just to get a mediocre settlement.

We really want to help you achieve the best outcome for your personal circumstances. You and your family matter to us. We think that every caring accident attorney should consider your needs as their top priority, and we promise that you will always come first while we pursue your case.

You can speak with a compassionate, devoted Costa Mesa personal injury attorney directly when you call today.

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