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Hiring an injury attorney after a car accident

injury attorney

An accident involving a motor vehicle can be especially dangerous when a cyclist or pedestrian is hit. Our Orange County injury attorney reports that a 74-year-old man was riding his bike when he was struck by a car. Unfortunately, the victim died from his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.

While the proper equipment can reduce the severity of some injuries, cyclists wearing helmets have little protection during serious accidents. a collision with a vehicle can result in broken bones, internal bleeding, neck or back injuries and more.

If a car crash involves injuries, a cyclist or pedestrian will likely incur costly medical bills while trying to recover. If a wreck results in death, a family will mourn the loss of a loved one while facing funeral expenses. Fortunately, victims or their families have options. Especially when an accident occurs due to the negligence of someone else.

When pedestrians or cyclists are following the rules of the road but others are not, those who suffer injuries or the loss of a loved one can file a personal injury or wrongful death suit in civil court. This might allow one to receive compensation for the emotional and financial losses one experiences after an accident.

Have You Lost a Loved One? Contact an Injury Attorney Today!

A Mission Viejo injury attorney can offer assistance when building a case and negotiating with insurance companies. Some cases go to trail while others will settle outside of court. However, having a knowledgeable attorney gives victims and their families the best chance of earning the restitution they deserve.

If you are suffering from injuries or a loved one was killed because of a car accident, contact us to learn about your options.

An injury attorney in our office will be able to help you with your case. We know how to navigate the legal system as well as deal with insurance adjusters who try to bully our clients. Your focus should be on healing from your injuries. We will handle the rest.

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