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Man Punches Kangaroo in the Face

As some of you have seen, this valiant man stood up for his rights. His rights to keep his dog alive. by going up against… you got it, a kangaroo. What? Yes! a kangaroo. This video has been shared, liked, analyzed, and so much more, all over social media and in news outlets. as you can see from this very interesting play-by-play, the kangaroo gets ahold of the dog and the owner goes after the kangaroo. the kangaroo looks at him as if to say, “BRING IT!” That is until the kangaroo is clocked right in the snout. Yeah! Take that Roo! From the video, the kangaroo looks genuinely stunned, shocked, confused, dismayed even that he got clocked in the face by some human and he just stands there, looking back and forth, deciding whether or not it is worth it to go after him –  until he finally says, “oh heck no-techno! I’m out of here!” His pride, most likely hurt. as a personal injury attorney, we can help!

Need a Personal Injury Attorney? Contact us Today!

As a personal injury attorney, we know that suffering from injuries due to a kangaroo attack can be stressful. That is why we are here to help. We want to make sure that you are not taken advantage of during this delicate time.

We here at Silverthorne Attorneys have handled many animal attack cases. If you or someone you know have been attacked by a kangaroo, we can help you – contact us today for a free consultation.

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