What kind of compensation can I receive from my case?

Personal injury cases can have several different types of compensation as a result of them.

  1. Medical Treatment- In a personal injury accident, one common factor is medical attention. You will either be reimbursed for your treatment, or receive an amount for the future bills you will have.
  2. Income- With these kinds of accidents, it takes a lot of time away from your work schedule for doctor visits, chiropractor, meeting with your attorney, etc. You can be compensated for the time you spent away from your income that you could have received.
  3. Property Loss- When in an accident, there is a possibility for damage to your property, including your vehicle, clothing, etc. You will most likely be reimbursed for those
  4. Pain- If there is any ongoing pain from the accident, you will receive compensation. This includes emotional distress or discomfort that prohibits you from doing what you would normally do.

In a personal injury case, you will receive as much as you can due to how much you have lost from it. At our law office, we will ensure you receive the most out of what we fight to get you.