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California Hands Free Law

Silverthorne Attorneys, a car crash attorney in Orange County, who represents a lot of victims of accidents that occurred because someone was on their cellular device, have written about the hands free law before. We also have written about distractions while driving, but with the new version of the hands-free law that took affect at the beginning of this month and the new lawsuit against Apple for its FaceTime app, we wanted to further discuss the new laws in place and how these new laws will affect any car accident liability case that your car accident lawyer may be working on. Any car accident attorney can tell you that we see a lot of cases that revolve around drivers being distracted and with this new law in place, hiring a Lake Forest car crash attorney will greatly increase your ability to receive the settlement for damages that you deserve. Hiring a car crash lawyer in Lake Forest after an accident where the driver was driving distracted or on their phone can help your case exponentially.

Lake Forest Car Crash Attorney Hopes New Hands-Free Law Will Reduce Accidents

Car Accident Attorney Breaks Down the New Law

Before the new law was put into place on the 1st of the month, it was only a violation to text and make phone calls from your mobile phone, but the law stated that taking selfies, programing GPS functions, and the like were not considered violations.

The new law that was put into place on January 1st states that it will be a complete violation of the California vehicle code to use a cell phone to text, use your hand-held device to make a call, even touching your cellular device is a violation of the new law. If a driver wants to touch their phone at all, for any reason while operating their vehicle unless the phone is mounted in a holder on the vehicle’s window, mounted on the dashboard, and the drivers are only permitted to make a single swipe or tap their phone.

What People Are Saying

Though this new law has very good intentions to reduce the amount of accidents that are caused by people on their phone’s, most car accident attorney’s and law enforcement agree that they won’t see a significant difference at the beginning. as Lake Forest car crash attorney, most believe that the law may not make much of a difference in the long run unless fines are higher and more frequently enforced. Being a commuter, I try to stay off my phone as I am driving to and from work, but I do notice that there are more and more people that are either talking on their phones or texting while they are on the road. and yes, these things do cause accidents. People aren’t paying attention to the road, they are paying attention to their phones.

Car Crash Lawyer in Lake Forest on New Cell Phone Law Loopholes

As a car accident lawyer, looking into how legislators have drafted this bill, we cannot help but to see some flaws in the law. It seems that those who drafted the law have forgotten that cell phone app developers are fast when it comes to modifying their apps so that their customers can play games, read news, or talk to their friends and family on FaceTime now with just the single swipe of a finger. Which also brings us to the lawsuit against Apple, brought on by a family who lost their young daughter when the driver of another vehicle was using the FaceTime app.

What it comes down to, is personal choice. People are still going to be using their phones, as they have been seen doing, at least until there is an actual crack down on enforcing tickets. and while the law continues to be revised, as any car accident lawyer will tell you, it still has much to be improved on.

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