If the water tastes weird in your hotel – complain about it!

Residents at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles became aware that a dead body is the cause of bad tasting water. Also, after the investigation it has been determined that the body is the cause of water pressure problems within the hotel. On Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 a maintenance worker was trying to figure out why the water pressure in the hotel was low.  He checked on the roof-top cisterns that collect drinking water and discovered a missing woman’s body was decomposing in one of the water tanks.

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Bring Problems to the Attention of Management

As a result of one of the residents complaints that the hotel had a weird taste in the water as they were drinking.  After the body uncovered, the hotel did not alert the residents, they had to learn about it on the news.

The lesson here is to complain if the water in your hotel tastes bad!  There is no reason to drink bad water in a hotel. We rely on our drinking water and believe that it is maintained to the highest standards. If you notice a change in the water you are drinking, contact your water provider immediately.