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Tips for Preventing Crosswalk Accidents

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Crosswalk accidents have the potential to cause debilitating injuries or even death. In order to reduce the odds of becoming a victim, here are some tips you can use whenever you’re out and about here in Orange County.

Injury Attorney | Crosswalk Do’s and Don’ts

Before you cross the road, look both ways to make sure that no one is attempting to run the traffic light. Just because you have the walk light doesn’t mean that drivers will always honor that. It’s better to err on the side of caution and make sure that other motorists are yielding the right of way before stepping out onto the street.

Do not cross the street while you are distracted. Avoid using your cell phone, even to read a text message. Keep your head up and continuously look around you while you are crossing so that you’ll know right away if there are dangers you need to quickly get out of the way of.

While it may be tempting to cross in the middle of the road, this should be avoided. Passing motorists are unlikely to be watching out for people crossing the street, and this could result in an accident that could easily have been avoided had you crossed at the proper location.

Never change direction abruptly. Motorists may not be expecting you to do this, so your risk of being hit increases substantially.

Avoid crossing the street at night unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do need to cross after dark, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight with you so that oncoming cars will be able to spot you easily.

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Following these simple safety tips will help ensure you do not become involved in a crosswalk accident. If you do become a victim of a crosswalk accident, contact a pedestrian accident attorney for help in recovering the damages by calling 949-234-6034.