Meeting with an Orange County Car Accident Attorney After a Texting-Induced Crash

According to the CDC, distracted driving claims thousands of lives every year, and leads to tens of thousands of injuries, many of them serious and requiring expensive medical care.  One frequent source of distraction on the road is the act of texting while driving, which puts drivers, passengers, and unsuspecting pedestrians in great danger.

Like many other states, California passed a law forbidding drivers from texting.  However, a recent poll taken by the Automobile Club of Southern California found that texting on the road has gone up by 126% in the past few years.  In spite of the texting ban, drivers continuing engaging in this dangerous practice; frequently, the perpetrators are younger drivers, who also tend to be more irresponsible in other ways when they get behind the wheel.

Why is texting while driving so dangerous?

  • When you text while driving, you aren’t looking at the road enough.  Your eyes keep darting to your mobile device to read the latest text.  Because your attention isn’t fully engaged with the road, your reaction time to unexpected events is slower, and you’re also more likely to fail at spotting other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, construction work, and anything else you should be attending to.
  • Because you’re holding the device in your hand, you have less control over the wheel.
  • Even if you purchase a hands-free device, you’re still more distracted.  Especially if the texting centers on an emotional topic or one that requires more of a mental exertion to keep up with, you won’t be focused enough on the road.

Another danger comes from drivers who are complacent about their ability to juggle both texting and driving.  They blithely text, while failing to notice that they’re gliding into another lane or that they’re slowly pushing their car past the acceptable speed limit.

Where does this leave the victims of distracted drivers? If the ban isn’t turning out to be as effective as was hoped, it means that many people remain in danger from this particular kind of distracted driving.  In the aftermath of such an accident, you should contact an expert California car accident attorney, who will go over all of the details of the crash with you and advocate for you to receive fair compensation from insurance companies and negligent drivers.  You won’t have to struggle alone with your injuries and their cost.