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Hit and Run Accidents in Southern California

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It is customary to stay at the scene until when you are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic increase in cases where a motorist has struck a pedestrian – or another motorist – and then sped off to avoid contact with the police. These kinds of hit and run accidents not only damage the victims’ health or property, but it also leaves them facing the costs of recovery alone. Since the numbers of these types of collisions are increasing, your chances of getting caught up in this kind of accident are also going up.

If you have been a victim of this type of injury, take heart. The Glendale News-Press is reporting that law enforcement has begun neighborhood-specific sting operations to catch the perpetrators of these crimes. Politicians, too, are beginning to take charge of the problem. KPCC Southern California Public Radio has noted that the Los Angeles City Council is discussing the need for tougher penalties and extended statutes of limitations for this crime.

How an injury lawyer can help!

  • Property damage. Whether the driver collided with a parked car or a moving vehicle, there is damage to the car. In Los Angeles, this type of damage occurred in 83 percent of hit and run accidents.
  • Injuries. Although injuries are rarer than property damage, they are also far more severe. Fatalities or serious damage to the victim’s health are not uncommon.

It is a little known fact that insured drivers carrying an uninsured motorist clause are actually protected when they are the victims of hit and run accidents. Did you know that contacting your insurance before talking to an attorney can actually work against you?

Suffering from injuries? Contact an injury lawyer today!

Protect your legal rights and discuss your accident with an attorney before talking to your insurer. Contact us today if you have been the victim of a hit and run accident and have questions about your legal rights and how to protect them.

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