A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You Get Compensation After A Devastating Attack

Receiving injuries from an attack by “man’s best friend” is more common then you may think. Because most individuals think of a dog as an ideal pet, many who have been attacked do not seek legal advice following a dog bite injury. Unfortunately, dog attack injuries can be severe and the victim can often be left incapacitated for some time due to the nature of the injury(s). There are steps you should follow after a dog bite that will better enable you to seek compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, and medical costs.

Here are some tips on what to do after an animal attack:

  • Immediately seek medical attention. Even though a bite may not appear to be serious, it is important to be aware that bacterial infections are easily passed through dog saliva to humans.
  • Document the owner’s contact information and also obtain the dog’s license information. This will allow your attorney to determine if the dog or owner has been involved in a previous attack.
  • Take pictures of any bloodied clothing, injuries, or damage to personal property. This will help your lawyer display the detriment of your attack as well as show the severity of the attack to the court.
  • Contact a dog bite attorney who specializes in attacks as soon as possible. Dog bite laws can be tough to sort through on your own. It is important to retain a personal injury lawyer who has intimate intimate knowledge of state dog bite laws.

Though an animal attack can be a devastating experience, it is important to seek compensation for your injuries and expenses. Entrust your personal injury case to the experienced attorneys at Silverthorne Law Firm. If you or someone you love has been injured, we invite you to contact us for more information on how we can help.