Motorcycle Accidents and Fighting Accident Bias: Proving a Motorcyclist was a Victim

Motorcycle accidents can sometimes lead to more protracted legal cases due to one unfortunate problem: Motorcyclists have automatic bias in being blamed for the accident. The reason is because motorcycles already look risky to average drivers with no experience riding one. Another reason is the few motorcyclists out there who don’t follow road rules and swerve around cars in busy traffic.

As always, a small can ruin the reputation for the majority who follow the rules. Here at Silverthorne Attorneys, we make sure any motorcyclist in Southern California who wasn’t to blame for an accident gets the proper justice he or she deserves. We’ve seen plenty of bias against motorcyclists for numerous reasons, and the only way to combat it is to use evidence to show otherwise.

Ways to Combat the Bias

When the insurance company or another person wrongly blames the motorcyclist in an accident report, we’re going to get to work on putting together an accident investigation. Nothing can be proven until there’s a detailed investigation that proves definitively who was to blame. We can do this by interviewing witnesses, and especially camera footage. In the age of cameras being everywhere, cameras can possibly capture the accident from multiple angles.

We can also put together an accident reconstruction that brings in experts to determine the science behind what happened. Through careful examination, the speed of each motorist may be determined to scope out the guilty driver.

Private Investigations and Medical Records

If you’re a motorcyclist who’s just been in an accident, contacting us immediately can enable us to send an investigator to the accident scene. It’s important to gather as much evidence as possible so some of it doesn’t disappear before we assemble your case. Photographs of the accident is one of the best tools, including your own damaged motorcycle. Sometimes even skid marks on the road where the accident occurred can determine who’s to blame.

Of course, your medical records from the injuries you incurred will also be a powerful piece of evidence. We know how devastating injuries in a motorcycle accident can be, including injuries to the head. Proving definitively that someone else hit you and caused your injuries is going to make a compelling lawsuit a jury likely won’t deny.

Contact us here at Silverthorne Attorneys right now if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident today or recently. We’ll review your case and make sure the stigma of being a motorcyclist doesn’t take over your case when you’ve incurred serious injury.