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Anaheim Car Accident | Teens Injured

car accident lawyer

Aneheim, CA – On Monday, March 10, the Anaheim Police Department reported a fatal collision involving three vehicles. One moving and two parked. Investigators indicated that the moving vehicle was traveling at excessive speeds when the driver lost control and collided with two parked cars at the intersection of East and South streets.

According to the LA Times, the accident occurred late Sunday night, at approximately 10:40 PM. The accident left two of the three occupants dead. A woman in the passenger seat was declared dead on the scene. And the driver and other passenger were ejected from the vehicle. One of the ejected occupants was declared dead at the hospital later. The teenager that was ejected from the vehicle is currently in critical condition; a dog that was in the vehicle was killed as well.

Traveling at high speeds contributes significantly to the severity of injuries suffered by victims of a car crash. So too, not wearing a seat belt. In this case, the vehicle in Anaheim was traveling so fast that, upon colliding with the two parked cars, the moving vehicle flipped over and then and collided with a brick wall, crashing into the backyard of an Anaheim residence.

The tragedy caused by the carelessness and negligence of the driver in this collision—and many others like it—is easily avoided by following the speed limit, wearing your seatbelt, and exercising due caution when driving at night.

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However, accidents happen, and when they do the victims and the victims’ families have recourse. The loss and pain felt by the families of auto accident victims is inevitable, but the financial burden that often accompanies such incidents—medical bills, burial expenses, etc.—can be lessened through recovery by wrongful death actions, personal injury claims, and so on responsible party and the insurance carrier. Retaining a competent attorney, and doing so quickly, following injury is crucial to protecting your rights when you or your loved ones have been harmed by the negligence of another.