Is an Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Only Coverable by Insurance if You’re Driving a Car?

Suffering a bodily injury from an uninsured motorist can be one of the most devastating accidents anyone can suffer from. That’s because not only may you suffer from injuries that may bother you for life, medical bills will be piling up. When the person who hit you with their car has no insurance, getting compensated for those bills can mean coming up empty and tackling the bills yourself. If you can’t work due to the injuries, it can be a nightmare scenario no one wants to see in their lifetime.

The good news is that these devastating situations aren’t set in stone. With an experienced bodily injury lawyer, you’re going to find some options that give you good chances of gaining monetary compensation. This starts with your own insurance and whether you can still be covered, even if you weren’t driving a car.

Uninsured Driver Protection

Here in Southern California, all drivers should consider purchasing an auto insurance plan that protects against uninsured drivers. Many plans offer uninsured (or underinsured) driving protection that may come through for you with compensation when the other driver doesn’t. You may worry, though, whether it covers injuries beyond driving a car.

You’ll be surprised to learn that many policies cover injuries outside of whether you were driving a vehicle. Chances are, you’ll have coverage if you were on foot and hit by an uninsured driver. The same applies if you were riding a bike in traffic and hit by the same type of person.

While we recommend this type of insurance in Southern California due to the increasing threat of uninsured drivers, we also see these same companies sometimes balk at paying out. It’s then when we’ll take up the fight to ensure you still get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Fighting Insurance That Looks Out for Themselves

Everybody is smart enough to know insurance companies generally look out for their own financial welfare first rather than yours. Even if we know they have to in order to stay profitable, there’s times when they unfairly back off paying out when they shouldn’t. If your case is overwhelming in the other driver being at fault and your medical bills being tremendous, you have a right to be fully compensated.

We’ll vigilantly fight any insurance company that doesn’t pay what you’re entitled to have. At the same time, we’ll work with you on a lawsuit to have the guilty driver (or those responsible for the accident) pay compensation to you for the injuries you’ve suffered through.

This is all done with evidence that can’t be denied. And we’ll work hard to gather all the necessary evidence to present to a jury when the time comes.

Contact us here at Silverthorne Attorneys so we can be your personal injury firm fighting for you. Don’t let an insurance you paid high premiums for convince you that you aren’t worthy of compensation when your quality of life has been diminished from unnecessary physical injuries.