Before a Bicycle Accident

Hopefully you will never be involved in a bicycle accident!  Unfortunately, as an accident lawyer, we know that bicycle accidents happen.  If you are a cyclist you should know what steps you would take immediately after a bicycle accident in case you find yourself in the situation.  It can be hard to think in the heat of the moment so it is best to be prepared with a plan.

Accident Lawyer | Get Off The Road

You may want to immediately start discussing with situation with the other party but your safety is top priority.  Get off the road and to a safe location. Then you can discuss the incident.

Consider Calling the Police

It may in your best interest to call the police and have them file a police report.  They will interview you and the other party and look at the scene.  The police will also handle the exchange of contact information between the two parties.  In many cases a person may seem remorseful and take responsibility at the scene of the accident but then later change their story. Having a police report documents what they said immediately after the accident.

Get Contact Information

Regardless of whether or not you decide to get a police report you will need to obtain the contact information for the other party and any witnesses.  In addition to phone numbers ask for drivers license information, registration information and a license plate number.  Consider testing out the phone number you have been provided.

Document with your Cell Phone

After the incident is over and you are home it is possible you will forget some of the important details.  Take photos of the scene with your cell phone.  Take notes as well and include the following details

  • What happened
  • How it happened
  • What time of day
  • What location
  • Weather and traffic conditions at the time of the accident

Consider Seeing a Doctor

Sometimes what seems like a minor injury at the time turns out to be more significant.  A doctor will help make sure you do not have a serious injury and can help you document any minor injuries you suffered.  Regardless of whether you see a doctor or not you should photograph your injuries and journal your recovery.

Don’t Repair

If your bicycle is damaged you may be anxious to get it repaired or replaced but you need to wait until you have dealt with the insurance company first.  If you repair or replace without consulting the insurance company it may impact your claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Bicycle accidents can have many complex legal issues.  Hiring a personal injury attorney who has handled previous bicycle accidents will be beneficial.  An attorney can advice you, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and represent you in a lawsuit if necessary.  If you have already experienced a bicycle accident contact us for a free consultation.