The Common Causes of Brain Injury May Surprise You

It’s become kind of ingrained in our society to link traumatic brain injuries with some kind of huge dramatic accident, like a vehicular crash or maybe an assault, but the truth is, according to the CDC, the most Common Causes of Brain Injury are falls. Whatever the cause though, whether the injury occurs from a fall, accident, or some unknown event – brain injuries are the most serious of calamity. Losing even a small portion of brain function be can be a lifelong malady severely crippling one’s ability to live the fullest life possible.

Brain injuries can vary greatly in severity. Sometimes a victim will recover all their faculties within a relatively small period of time, or the injury can be so severe they will suffer from the time of the injury until the end of their life. Whatever the case, it is important to fight hard to find the cause of the injury and who is ultimately responsible for the event leading up to the injury. If it’s a car accident then it needs to be determined whose fault the accent was. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the other driver – it may be the manufacturer of the car, or the city who maintains the roads, or any other possibility. If the brain injury happens due to a fall, then it needs to be determined as to why the victim fell. Was the sidewalk a danger to the public? Was the carpet in a particular building not secured in the proper manner and someone tripped and fell? Should the snow in front of the store have been shoveled more thoroughly? These are all very important questions to be asked so the responsible parties are held to task.

The only way to protect yourself or a loved one who has been on the wrong end of a brain injury, is to partner with an attorney who understands the complexities of not just the brain injury itself and how to figure out who the responsible party is – but, who also knows the governing laws inside and out in order to best represent your interests and secure you the funds needed to make you, or your loved one as whole as possible.

A lot of people are afraid to ask the tough questions as to who is responsible for a brain injury. They see it as a tragic accident that just happened and the consequences as dire, but something that just has to be accepted. Don’t think that way. A brain injury can change your life in an instant and if there is recompense to be had, you owe it to yourself to seek it out and be armed with the best attorney to help achieve that end.

To find out more about getting what you deserve, please contact us and we’ll let you know what your options are. Don’t accept that the consequences of a brain injury are something you have to suffer alone.