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Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

Rainfall in the Victorville and the High Desert is at its highest December through March. The storms that bring the rains are also accompanied by higher than normal wind speeds and are often difficult to predict. One thing that you can be sure of is that more rain and higher winds will result in more car accidents and, ultimately, out of pocket costs for medical bills and vehicle damage. That is why hiring a car accident lawyer is very important at this time.

Car Accident Lawyer | Dangers of Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

car accident lawyer

The primary concerns for driving in poor weather include:

  • loss of visibility;
  • driving blind;
  • losing control of your car; and
  • being unable to stop in time to avoid a collision.

The easiest adjustment a person can make to his or her driving is to slow down. Often times, a driver will assume that as long as they are going the speed limit, they are being safe. However, posted speed limits are the prescribed speed for the road under ideal conditions. When the road is wet from rain it takes a car much longer stop. If you adjust your speed, you are much more likely to be able to stop your car in time to avoid a collision.

Speed also has an impact on your ability to maintain control over your car incase of an unexpected event. Events such as driving over a pothole that may be hidden by a puddle. Significant damage can be done to the undercarriage. Slowing down allows you to pay closer attention to areas of the road that may be worn. It also allows you to take reasonable precautions to avoid driving through deep puddles of water that could cause you to lose control of your car.

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Another concern of driving on wet roads is hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water builds up between the surface of the tire and surface of the road. With the water acting as a lubricant between the two, there is no friction to enable the brakes to stop the motion of the vehicle. Thus, a car glides almost uncontrollably along the roadway unable to stop and unable to steer. To guard against hydroplaning, the driver should slow down, try to avoid sudden braking, and always make sure that the tires on the vehicle are not worn and that they are inflated to the proper pressure.

The most basic advice to avoid a collision when the rain and wind kicks up in Victorville, is to:

  1. always keep your vehicle maintained and services, and
  2. use basic common sense in the operation of your car:
    • if visibility is low, slow down and consider turning on your headlights;
    • if the road is wet, slow down to give yourself more time to react; and
    • if there are high winds drive more slowly in order to maintain control over your vehicle on the road.

Sometimes, though, the best advice is to avoid driving when the danger posed by the weather is too great—especially in high traffic, low visibility conditions.

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