Safe Motorcycle Riding in Riverside

Spring in Riverside means many days of sunny, warm, and comfortable weather; the perfect weather to get out and ride the twisties, or just cruise along your favorite road.

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating, fun, and freeing experience. However, it can also be a very dangerous activity. Some of the same qualities about riding a motorcycle that make it so enjoyable are the same qualities that make it so dangerous. There is no seatbelt, windshield, or metal cage around you on a motorcycle, so when you are moving you feel very free and in tune with your surroundings; but when it comes to a motorcycle accident, there is no seatbelt keeping you attached to the vehicle (and you wouldn’t want that anyway), there is no windshield protecting you from debris, and there is no metal cage protecting you from the 3,000 lbs. of metal bearing down on you at 60 mph from the other direction.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers courses all over (and even a basic course on the internet) designed to teach you basic riding as well as evasive maneuvers to avoid being involved in motorcycle accidents. They also have advanced courses from which even a seasoned rider could benefit.

Riverside has a population of around 313,000 people, which means there are approximately 200,000-250,000 cars on the road. Each of those drivers represents a potential motorcycle accident waiting to happen.

Many accidents can be avoided by taking the proper courses and always being on the lookout for that car that does not see you: the one about to run the red light, the one speeding up to beat the yellow, or the one that is in a hurry to get out of the parking lot and pulls in front of you on the road. Sometimes you just can’t avoid the accident, and hopefully when that happens it is a minor one. In an effort to avoid serious pain and injury if this happens, always be prepared.

Wear a full-face helmet, a leather or mesh jacket, full gloves, riding pants and boots with steel toe and ankle support. It may be uncomfortable, but if an accident happens your head, skin, and wallet will thank you.

As we all know, “the best laid plans oft go astray.” If, despite your preparation and attention to the road, you are involved in an accident, a motorcycle accident attorney knows how to preserve your right to recovery from the responsible party and how to get you the treatment you need.