Trucking Accidents in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim sits in the middle of a major commercial thoroughfare used by commercial transportation. An accident involving a large truck can be much more complicated than one involving just another car. Just a few factors that make your injury claim more complex in truck accidents are the severity of injuries involved, the potential number of other parties involved, and the sophistication of those parties.

When a person is involved in an auto accident, the severity of the injuries they suffer is largely based on the size of the vehicle that collides with them. Being rear-ended or T-boned by a large truck can result in devastating injuries to the unfortunate victim. Serious injuries make for a complicated claim, but that is not all. A large truck is typically a commercial vehicle, which means they have a commercial insurance policy that particularly favors the trucking company over the needs of the injured person. Additionally, there may be numerous parties involved, contributing to the already complex nature of the claim.

Living in Anaheim, with many distribution centers nearby and a large number of trucks traveling through Anaheim, whether on their way to or from Los Angeles, there are thousands of 18-wheelers and other large trucks on the road at any given time. It is very important that an injured person or their family seek representation by an experienced truck accident attorney to avoid being taken advantage of by the insurance companies and to help recover the medical expenses they have incurred.