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Steep Penalties for Motorists in Bike Accidents

When the driver of a car hits a bike rider, they may not face any serious legal penalties. If the accident occurs during a commonplace traffic violation, such as speeding or driving while distracted, the motorist may face minor penalties related to the traffic law violation. As an accident lawyer we can tell you that this is true even if the bike rider is harmed during the accident.

Bike riders and even pedestrians face the prospect of serious injuries. Even if it is just a minor collision. When involved in a collision with a car, pedestrians and bicyclists face bodily injury. So we ask: Would making changes to the law bring down the rate of such accidents?

accident lawyer

Possible changes to the law | Accident Lawyer

Some California legislators and public advocates are interested in changing the law. They want to introduce steeper penalties for motorists who injure bike riders while violating traffic laws. One bill lays out significantly higher fines for motorists and an additional point added to their driver’s record. Other proposed measures by advocacy groups include license suspension and even some jail time.

The thinking goes that motorists will have even more incentive to be mindful of traffic laws. However, whether the penalties will be strong enough to actually serve as a deterrent remains to be seen. Furthermore, at this point, we don’t know yet if the bill will even become law.

Even if such a law does pass and hopefully reduce the rate of bicycle accidents, individuals involved in these accidents will still be struggling with medical bills and other financial losses after a crash. Regardless of what criminal or administrative penalties a motorist may face, it’s important for bike riders and other vulnerable road users to contact a reputable attorney.

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