Dog Bite Lawsuits in Fontana, CA

In Fontana, residents have the Auto Club Speedway, the fastest half-marathon and the historic Kaiser Steel Mill to appreciate and attend for entertainment and leisure. However, Fontana families that are dog owners also have the fortune of being able to frequent the Fontana Dog Park located in Fontana Park, which is 38 acres of fun that includes a skate/BMX park, aquatic center and a sports pavilion. Dogs can be unleashed and frolic freely and safely with different breeds or their own kind. Owners can breathe easy knowing that this dog park will provide the control and precautions necessary for their dogs. Silverthorne Attorneys have found that Fontana residents regularly experience dog bites, possibly due to the lack of protection that occurs when dogs are allowed to roam unleashed in neighborhoods instead of in the Fontana Dog Park.

Dog bites are a serious medical issue because of the threat to public health. Rabid dogs can spread disease and infection to humans rapidly. Out of the 4.5 million Americans that experience dog bites yearly, the most common victims are adult males and children. Dog bites necessitate care and medical treatment immediately. Outside of the fact that dog bites will cause the victim to feel trauma and fear, infections can fester in dog bite victims who do not receive immediate medical attention. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to assist in making the aftermath of a dog bite less dangerous and scary for victims and their families. These informed dog bite attorneys are trained to respond swiftly to clients with medical options, liability investigation and damage assessment for their dog bite case.

Fast thinking and calm responses are necessary when a family is affected by a dog bite. It is imperative that a dog bite victim receives medical treatment by a doctor before nerve damage worsens or fractures become impossible to set. Nose, eye and jaw injuries are especially concerning for dog bite victims. Next, the dog owner must be identified in order to decipher if the dog is rabid or plagued by another infection.

Silverthorne Attorneys are focused on finding the best medical care for dog bite victims because of the intensive injuries that can be suffered during a dog attack in Fontana. Scarring, nerve damage, facial reconstruction and emotional issues like depression and fear can be experienced by dog bite victims. Here is a breakdown of what dog bites can cause for victims:

  • 77% of attacks induce bodily harm
  • 73% of attacks affect children
  • 81% of attacks affect adults
  • 68% of attacks result fatalities
  • 76% result in maiming

It is important to note that the CDC reports that 50% of all dog bites are committed by Pit Bulls. Among the other aggressive breeds are German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Akita or Chow, Doberman Pinchers, and Bulldogs.

Call Silverthorne Attorneys for information about how you can recover damages based on the negligence of the dog owner who have neglected to follow dog bite laws. These laws can include egging on, unleashed dogs and an owner that knows the history of the dog injuring people but still houses the animal.

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