Car Accidents are Common in Fontana, CA

In February, murder charges were filed against a Fontana woman for causing a car accident that killed six people including members of her own immediate family. She was driving on Highway 60 going in the wrong direction as the rest of traffic. This Fontana accident occurred because the driver was clearly intoxicated and driving at unsafe speeds of 100 mph or more. During peak traffic hours, reckless motorists can cause severe, fatal and injurious car accidents, especially in Fontana which is home to the Auto Club Speedway. Silverthorne Attorneys has tallied the number of car accidents that occur in Fontana which was recently dubbed a trucking industry hub. Car accidents are common on high-traffic, congested roadways and Fontana is home to Interstate 10 and State Route 210. Fontana would be what you would call a recipe for car accident disasters.

Silverthorne Attorneys recommends gaining all of the contact and insurance information for the drivers involved in the car crash. Next, it is smart to take photos, call the police and file a report and make sure to take any offers of medical care. Medical treatment early on can provide validity for injury claims. The last and most important step you should take is to call Silverthorne Attorney for a free consultation regarding the facts of your car accident case. Silverthorne Attorneys is host to expert legal counsel that handles the tricky tactics of insurance companies to negotiate a fair settlement for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to call (909) 353-7000 today for a free consultation and the assistance you need to recover from the trauma, pain and suffering of a car accident.