We Help Moreno Valley Bicycle Accident Victims

In August 2012, a 16-year-old teenager was killed in a horrible bicycle accident in Moreno Valley. Investigators were faced with a tangled web of evidence since witnesses stated that the teenager turned on his bike and ran into a minivan at an intersection. However, right-of-way is always a sticking point in bicycle accidents. Due to the lack of protection that a bicycle provides a bike accident victim, major trauma to the head and crushed limbs can supplement minor injuries of road rash and whiplash.

Moreno Valley residents need to teach their children bicycle safety laws, but distracted drivers and heavy traffic can lead to roadways not being equally shared with bicyclists in Moreno Valley. Moreno Valley is a young city with a suburban vibe whose residents may find it difficult to locate a quality bicycle accident attorney. They should look further than Silverthorne Attorneys. These practiced and intelligent bicycle accident attorneys will fight for victims to ensure a fair settlement in their bike accident case. Bicycle accidents can cause mental trauma as well as severe bodily impact injuries including concussions, broken bones, bruising and disability. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to help ease the pain and suffering clients have found is associated with bicycle accidents. A free consultation can help orient a potential client to their legal needs following a bicycle accident. Loss of wages, disability, medical expenses and more can be recovered from drivers who are negligent and cause bicycle accidents. Call (951) 365-5000 today to speak with an expert bicycle accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys.