How We Help Dog Bite Victims in Irvine, CA

Irvine Central Bark Dog Park is one of the most fun destinations for dog owners and their dogs in Orange County. Irvine residents live in a suburban maze with small backyards and front yards, so their dogs crave the freedom of playing in the grass unbound. Silverthorne Attorneys has found that dog bites and attacks can be caused by large, active dogs that are housed in small spaces and not allowed to roam. The pent up energy that dogs that are prone to biting like Pitbulls and German Shepherds do not relinquish can be released in an instant when a stranger walks by their fence or tries to play with them in a friendly manner. Dog bites should be avoided at all costs due the injurious nature of the attacks.

Silverthorne Attorneys wants to assist dog bite victims recover the damages they deserve and need to pay for the medical care necessitated by the dog bite. The first step after a dog bite is to locate the dog owner to ascertain whether that particular dog is suffering from rabies. Rabies and other infections can be spread from dogs to humans when a dog bite occurs. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to guide you through this process with the knowledge of our dog bite attorneys. Due to the violent nature of a dog bite, serious medical care including facial reconstruction surgery if the dog hits the nose or mouth area. Don’t let you or a loved one suffer from the aftermath of a dog bite. Silverthorne Attorneys are here to help with a free consultation. Call today!