San Bernardino Car Accidents

5 days prior to another terrible April car accident in San Bernardino, a woman was carjacked after being involved in a car crash that was minor. The car accident occurred on the 300 block of Grape Street. San Bernardino is prone to traffic collisions and minor car accidents such as these due to congestion from the commuters that commonly travel through San Bernardino to get to Los Angeles or Riverside for work. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to help the victims of car accidents by providing legal information and care. A close relationship can be built between a car accident attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys and their clients. We care about our clients and their well-being in the aftermath of car accidents.

Car accidents are scary and hurtful even if the impact was minor. Injuries can range from whiplash, headaches and nausea to broken bones, spinal cord injuries and concussions. These injuries can take months of medical care to heal and may impact the client in the future by causing a disability. San Bernardino car accident victims need not fret because they can turn to knowledge car accident attorneys at Silverthorne Attorneys. With a free consultation, we will establish liability, insurance company information and medical treatment needs. Furthermore, we will not take a penny until the case has been resolved and you have received your settlement. San Bernardino car accident victims should call today for the help of professional and respectful car accident attorneys at Silverthorne Attorneys.