Personal Injury Attorneys Help Injured Orange, CA Residents Recover Financially

Old Town Orange is home to Haven Gastropub and O’Hara’s Pub. With a good mix of old and new, it draws in diners, drinkers and revelers. Orange is the heart of Orange County and holds the key to unlocking Orange’s history of groves and factories. New establishments have meant an influx of workers and commuters in Orange. Orange residents may be involved in a personal injury accident at any time or place in Orange. Worker’s compensation cases, accidents, disabling slip and falls and dog bites can truly destroy an Orange resident’s earning power and quality of life.

Silverthorne Attorneys wants to do everything possible to help potential clients regain some semblance of normal life after experiencing the trauma of a personal injury accident. Personal injury accidents can require surgery, months of physical therapy and rehabilitation or disability compensation. Silverthorne Attorneys understands the financial burden and stress this places upon potential clients. After a free consultation over the phone, Orange residents can stop feeling incessantly worried knowing that our personal injury attorneys will handle their personal injury case with care from there. From negotiations to reduce bills, help recover damages and place liability on the responsible party in the personal injury accident, Silverthorne Attorneys will manage the personal injury care completely. We are well versed in all aspects of the personal injury legal process and employ only experienced personal injury attorneys. If you or a loved one is hurt and suffering, please do not hesitate to call us today for some advice and legal care.