Bicycle Safety in Corona, CA

Corona held a Bike Classic safety expo on Monday this week. The event was organized by police officers and community leaders to provide bicyclists with information on how to ride the roadways safely while maximizing their health. Corona residents bike ride for many reasons outside of as a means of transportation. However, bicyclist health cannot be attained or kept if a bicyclist falls victim to a bike accident. Silverthorne Attorneys will help bicyclists in Corona regain their way of life after a traumatic bike accident.

Due to the lack of protection in a bicycle, Corona residents are prone to serious injuries if they do become involved in a bike accident. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to help fight for you to receive the medical care you deserve and need after your bike accident. We will discuss all of your options and needs in regards to the insurance company, medical treatment and damage after your bike accident. The consultation is free and engaging. We look forward to being able to clinch the fair settlement you are looking for in the aftermath of your bike accident. We are experienced bike accident attorneys. We feel empathy for bicyclists that complain about a lack of road sharing and distracted driving. Silverthorne Attorneys wants to help you get the justice you crave after you deal with the suffering and physical pain of a bicycle accident. Bicycle accident victims in Corona should call (951) 365-5000 today for the kind of legal care that will put them at ease.