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Dangers When Riding a Bike

Hector Bike Shop in Fontana makes the experience of riding a bicycle intriguing to Fontana residents. Residents can ride their bikes to Kaiser Steel Mill or the city park if they are interested in using them recreationally. However, Fontana’s busy streets can be difficult for bicyclists to maneuver. As an accident lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys has heard about bike accidents in Fontana and want to reach out to help those who have been injured.

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Bicycle accidents are extremely dangerous because they can cause serious injuries. With little to no protection on body parts and the chain that can easily loosen. These things can only add to the trauma experienced in a bike accident. It is smart to collect photos and other evidence from the scene of the accident. Most importantly anyone who has been in an accident should receive treatment immediately. Medical care will establish the extent of the injuries suffered by the bicycle accident victim. It will also help you determine your next steps.

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Silverthorne Attorneys will deal with the insurance company. Your accident lawyer will also find evidence of any negligence to place liability squarely in the lap of the other party. Silverthorne Attorneys can also assist in helping the bike accident victim recover from any emotional trauma suffered by the severity and shock of the bike accident. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your bicycle accident.

We never want you to have to face these things alone. Dealing with insurance companies can be exhausting. Especially when all they are doing is giving you the run around.

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