What to do After a Car Accident in Corona, CA

Have you been involved in a car accident in Corona, Riverside County? Were you seriously injured? Are you unsure if you can afford medical treatment for your injuries? You don’t need to worry. Silverthorne Attorneys can help you during this difficult time as you recover from your car accident in Corona. As a busy commuter city, Corona has hectic rush hours with lots of traffic coursing through the nearby freeways and roadways. Corona residents use the 91 Freeway to commonly get to and from work.

We have investigators close by Corona and can meet you in your home to discuss the details of your accident. We will then take care of your medical billing questions and issues as we negotiate your case with the insurance company. You can take your time to recover and regain your health once again. Car accident injuries can include whiplash, bruising, broken bones or spinal cord injuries. You may need long-term treatment that involves physical therapy, missing work and expensive procedures to heal the injuries you incurred during your Corona car accident. While you are trying to heal from your Corona car accident case, Silverthorne Attorneys can take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry. You shouldn’t have to suffer alone, limiting your medical care to avoid racking up huge bills. Silverthorne Attorneys is the answer to your problems in the aftermath of your Corona car accident. Call us today for a free consultation with no obligation regarding your Corona car accident case.