Who is Responsible When Important Mail is Destroyed in Fiery Accident?

Several months ago, a horrific accident involving two big rig trucks took place on the 57 freeway. The good news: no one was injured. The bad news? The second rig, which rear-ended the first one, was carrying letters and mail for the United States Post Office. That rig became engulfed in flames and all the mail, totaling 120,000 letters and packages, was destroyed. (Information courtesy Orange County Register).

Who is Damaged?

Although it may not seem like a ‘big deal,’ the issue of who is at fault and why this accident occurred is in fact a very big deal. With 120,000 destroyed pieces of mail, inevitably  some of it was important, even critically so, thus causing damage and angst to many senders and receivers. It could be a small piece of jewelry, a family heirloom, forever lost and irreplaceable, or the only copy of a young writer’s manuscript who did not have the money to pay to have another copy printed.

Who is Responsible?

In an accident like this, where one truck rear-ended the other, the second truck driver is clearly at fault and was also clearly negligent for not operating his vehicle safely. In addition, besides the rig’s driver the organization they work could be found at fault and therefore, liable.

Is This an Example of Personal Injury?

When negligence is proven to be a factor in an accident, filing a personal injury case is a way to recoup from damages incurred or injuries received. Even though there were no injuries, this Orange truck accident resulted in damage to other people’s property, setting the stage for potential  personal injury lawsuits. However, the apparent complexities of this situation would require the sharpest legal expertise available. The lawyers at Silverthorne Attorneys are experts in all areas of personal injury law, including getting just compensation for the many kinds of damages suffered by all those people whose mail was lost forever. For any legal concerns or questions you have about personal injury, feel free to contact us at any time.