Huntington Beach Car Accident Results In Loss of Life And Multiple Injuries

Huntington Beach car accident on September 12 turned into a chain-reaction collision that harmed numerous individuals. A Huntington Beach police lieutenant stated that the accident happened at approximately 12:20 p.m. He reported that a car coming out of a church parking lot was hit by an eastbound vehicle on Hamilton Avenue, near Broadhurst Street.

Then, other vehicles were struck in sequence by one or both of the first two cars. One of the cars that was subsequently struck reportedly spun around before accelerating and running up over a curb and across a sidewalk. That vehicle eventually hit a number of parked cars after running through shrubbery and striking a retaining wall.

One Killed, Four Injured

There were two men in the area of the shrubs, and one was reportedly killed by that vehicle. The other required transport to a hospital to be treated for injuries. Three other individuals also required treatment at an area hospital, although there were no initial reports regarding the extent of their injuries.

An investigation is ongoing, and there is an effort underway to determine which of the two vehicles that first collided had the legal right-of-way.

Complex Accidents and Negligence

This multi-vehicle accident illustrates the complexity that can accompany investigations of traffic accidents. However, once a determination is made by the authorities as to who had the right-of-way at the beginning of this event, it is possible that negligent conduct may be asserted.

An attorney that focuses on this area of the law is in a position to sort through the circumstances on behalf of his or her client. When a fatality occurs, wrongful death litigation may be considered. When a party is injured, a lawsuit may be filed in certain cases as well. Civil lawsuits that arise from traffic accidents may seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. Compensation may be sought for loss of companionship when a fatality occurs.

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