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Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

In July, a 12 year old boy was fatally injured in a San Bernardino bike accident. In this tragic situation the boy was hit by a pickup truck in an intersection. Unfortunately he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Although he was rushed to a local hospital the injuries were fatal. And though a personal injury lawyer knows that no amount of money will be sufficient enough, we will be able to get you compensation that will help pay for funeral expenses, etc.

In the aftermath of this tragedy let’s take a moment to evaluate the common causes of bicycle accidents and how to avoid them.

Bicycle and Car Collide

This is a common way in which bicycle accidents occur. Unfortunately the cyclist usually ends up injured due to impact with the significantly heavier vehicle. The best way to avoid colliding with a car is to obey all traffic laws. When on a bicycle you must follow the traffic signals and signs just as a car does. Stop on red and at stop signs. In addition, it is important to be riding in the same direction as traffic.

Cyclists are Hit by a Door Opening

Cyclists who are riding along a row of parked cars are at risk of being hit unexpectedly by a car door being opened. This can result in severe injury for the cyclist. To avoid this situation be sure not to ride immediately adjacent to cars. Give yourself enough room between the bicycle and the car so you would not be hit with a door if it where to open.

Road Issues

Potholes, unsafe grates, large rocks and other debris all mean danger for a bicycle. If the bicycle tire gets stuck in a pothole, the rider may be sent flying or. Riders must always be looking at the road ahead. Even if you have rode your bicycle on this route a thousand times it is important to be aware of anything unexpected.

Are you suffering from injuries? Contact a personal injury lawyer today!

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Unfortunately bicycle accidents often result in serious injury or even death. Head injuries are a risk. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle to reduce your risk of brain injury or a skull fracture. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident contact us at Silverthorne Attorneys to learn how we can help you.

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