Dogs And People: Have You Suffered From A Dog Bite In Riverside?

A dog has a label of being a man’s best friend. A dog can be part of a family, and be that family’s pride and joy just like one of the children. However, there are times when that best friend can turn into someone else’s enemy. Several people suffer dog bites throughout a year, and some of those dog bites are so serious and severe that medical attention will be needed. The pain that can be caused by a dog can result in deep emotional trauma. If a person is bitten and injured by a dog, the person who owns the dog that caused the injury can face legal responsibility.

How And Where Can A Dog Attack?

A dog can make its attack under a number of different circumstances. If a dog is on a leash, that leash can be broken. A dog can jump over a fence or break through a fence. If the owner of the dog is careless, the dog may not always be in a secure location where they can not harm anyone. There is really no known cause for why a dog attacks someone. When a dog bite occurs, people will usually say that the dog has never bitten anyone and was always a friendly family pet.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Someone Suffer From A Dog Bite?

  • A bite can tear a wound or puncture a wound
  • The dog can knock someone over and cause an injury to the head
  • Someone’s face can be scarred from being bitten by a dog
  • Broken bones
  • Psychological and emotional injuries
  • Unfortunately, dog bites can result in the death of someone

Is There Anything You Can Do To Reduce The Risks Of A dog Bite in Riverside?

  • Do not approach or walk towards a dog you do not know
  • Do not disturb a dog
  • If you want to pet a dog, let the dog sniff you first
  • Try to remain as still as possible if an unknown dog is close to you
  • Do not look directly into the eyes of a dog
  • Do not run from the dog

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