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What to Do if You are a Dog Bite Victim

Dogs may look cute with their floppy ears and wagging tails, but that does not always mean they are friendly.  A dog bites someone every seven seconds in the United States. And as a dog attack lawyer, we know how devastating dog bites can be.

Many Moreno Valley residents own at least one dog, and the owner is responsible for damages even if the dog has never shown aggression in the past.  However, there are exceptions.  Two specific ones are if the victim was trespassing or provoked the attack.  People who need to step onto a person’s property such as a mail carrier or meter reader are not trespassers.

There are several steps that should be followed if you are a Moreno Valley dog bite victim

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  1. Report the incident to the police department or animal control.  Give as much information as possible, such as breed of dog, address where the dog resides, and if there are any witnesses.
  2. Any open wound, even if it does not look serious, should be examined by a medical professional.  Dog bites can easily become infected, and rabies and tetanus also need to be considered.
  3. Take photographs as quickly as possible of the injured area.  Do not wait until healing begins.
  4. Place your bloody or torn clothing in a paper bag.
  5. Keep all medical bills, pharmacy receipts, and any correspondence from the dog owner’s insurance company.
  6. Hire an attorney that handles dog bite claims.  Without one, even if you need prolonged treatment or have permanent damage, the insurance company will pay very little.

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