Importance of Seatbelt Use: Huntington Beach Car Accident Fatality

On Saturday October 4th a Huntington Beach Car Accident involving three vehicles resulted in the fatality of a 26 year old. According to the Huntington Beach Independent, he was ejected from his Ford F-150 pickup around 11am. Although the crash is currently under investigation it is fair to assume a seatbelt was not being used.

Cars are significantly safer than they were decades ago. Safety features such as airbags and antilock brakes have saved countless lives. However, the most basic car safety system is the seat belt. It is still necessary to utilize this simple safety system keep people safe. The restraint system of seatbelts keeps passengers attached to the seat if an accident occurs. In fact, for airbags to work properly the passenger must be restrained in their seat.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, use of a lap and shoulder seatbelts can reduce the likelihood of fatality by 50 percent. Those who are not properly restrained run the risk of being ejected when in a crash. Someone who is ejected from a vehicle has over a 75% chance of being killed.

It is estimated that almost 12,000 lives were saved by seat belts in 2011. Over 3000 lives could have been saved if the crash victims had been properly buckled in.

The majority of Americans do wear seat belts but some choose not to wear them all the time. They figure the if the trip is short or they won’t be driving on an interstate it isn’t necessary. This is unsafe thinking. Before you put the car in drive or reverse you should put your seatbelt on. You should also verify that all passengers are properly restrained. This includes proper car seats for children. Buckling up only takes a second but could save your life.

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