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Evidence Helps Your Car Accident Claim

Two important things that must be established after a car accident are who was at fault and the extent of the damages. This cannot be determined without evidence. If you are in a condition to do so, gather as much evidence as you can at the accident scene. This is important because any legal claim you make will rely on the evidence at hand. Below, our car accident lawyer, put together the different evidence you should try to gather after your accident.


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If you have a camera, take pictures of the cars as they are at the scene from several angles. Close ups and photos from a distance should also be taken. Multiple photos are important because it is difficult to know which angles will best show the accident scene. Take photos of traffic signs, traffic lights, skid marks, and the intersection if applicable. Some photos of the cars should indicate positioning while others should indicate damage to the cars. A lot can be deduced from both types of photos.

Contact Information Of Drivers And Witnesses

Do not leave it to the police to get contact information of the other drivers and witnesses. Exchanging contact information with the other drivers is a normal part of accident protocol. Write down any statement made by witnesses about the accident.

Medical Records

It is extremely important to get medical treatment immediately after an accident. For serious injuries this is a no-brainer but the pain of some injury types take a while to manifest. Medical treatment is important for health reasons and the resulting records will be needed as evidence. Your doctors should indicate in their reports that your injuries were caused solely by the accident.

The Police Report

The police will write a report containing the basic details of the accident scene such as a diagram of the positions of the cars, notes of any citations issued, and witness contact information. It will also include notes about injuries, damage to the cars, statements from occupants of the cars and witnesses, weather, road conditions, and factors that contributed to the accident. Make sure that you get a copy of the report from the police station.

Receipts And Invoices

Make copies of receipts and invoices for car repair, replacement or repair of damaged property, medical bills, physical therapy and other services, and items such as crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

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As a car accident lawyer, we know that the time after your accident is stressful. That is why we are here to help. We want to take the burden of the case off of your shoulders. We believe, as a car accident lawyer, that this time should be dedicated to healing and getting your life back on track. Your car accident lawyer will never side with the insurance companies. We have years of experience dealing with them. We know they will do everything in their power to make this time very difficult for you.

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