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Why Driving Drowsy is Distracted Driving

When you get out of bed in the morning, do you ever stumble around trying to wake yourself up? Does it take you a few minutes to really pull yourself together? You are probably like one of those bumper cars at an amusement park. Maybe you bump into your dresser or the wall. You may have actually hurt yourself a few times.  They have not completely awaken out of their sleep, but they have chosen to drive a vehicle. As a car accident attorney, we have seen his a lot.

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Many times when we hear about distracted driving, we tend to think about people who are texting or talking on the phone while driving their vehicle. However, those are not the only things that can classify as distracted driving. Anything that takes your full attention away from the highway is known to be distracted driving.

It is likely that you are too sleepy to be behind the wheel if you can not see the car on your left or right in the next lane before merging. If you do not remember to turn on your signal light before making a turn, then you are too distracted. If you begin to fall asleep at the wheel, then you are a distracted driver. It is very important to remain alert while you are driving because you never know when you will have to respond in a quick manner.

Anyone who drives sleepy or drowsy are at a serious risk for causing an accident, but there are people who are typically more at risk than others. A few of these people would be:

  • People who work extremely long hours
  • Drivers who travel for an excessive amount of hours due to business reasons
  • Drivers who are young

It is not always easy to get the amount of sleep hours you would like. You do not want to miss out on all of those things your need to do and the things you like to do for fun, but you should never feel the need to drive distracted. The consequences that you will face can be tragic and life-changing.

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