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School Zone Accidents

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Everyday throughout the school year, the welfare of California’s children is entrusted to the school bus system. Getting children safely to and from school depends on the work of school bus drivers and on safe driving by motorists around buses and bus stops. Although children are exposed to risk when riding school buses, great harm can also occur when they enter and exit them. As a personal injury attorney, we know that it is essential to protect your children.

There are many ways these types of accidents can happen. Children can slip and fall on the bus steps. They are also endangered when impatient drivers pass a stopped bus when its red lights are flashing. Children have also been run over by school buses.

Safety tips for entering and exiting school buses include:

Children Should Wait Until The Driver Says They Can Enter The Bus

This means they must not approach the bus while it is moving. They should stay off the street until the bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing. They must wait until the bus driver gives them the go-ahead to enter.

Children Should Cross The Road Ten Feet In Front Of The Bus

The danger zone is any area on the road that is within ten feet of the bus. Children are often struck by cars within this zone because drivers cannot see them there. Children should walk along the road side or sidewalk until they are ten feet in front of the bus. They should also be able to see the bus driver’s eyes so that the bus driver can see them as well. In addition, children should never cross the road behind the bus.

Children Must Proceed With Caution On The Bus Steps

The handrails should be used when going up or down the bus steps. Children should always look to the right when exiting the bus in case a car is trying to pass the bus on the right side. They should keep their clothing and book bags clear of the handrail and door. If a child drops something next to or under the bus, he or she must tell the bus driver and get his permission before picking it up.

Children Should Never Walk Or Wait Along The Side Of The Bus

When entering the bus they should be in a line facing the door.

School bus accidents are devastating. No child, parent, or family should ever be exposed to such an ordeal. The costs of this type of accident are many. You have the right to compensation for the medical expenses and the anguish of such an event. Litigation is often complex in cases of this type. This is why it is important to seek the help of a Mission Viejo personal injury attorney. Silverthorne Attorneys have the experience and dedication to pursue these types of cases.Contact us for a free consultation.

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