San Juan Capistrano Injury Attorney: Road Rage Between Motorists And Bicyclists

While motorists generally drive responsibly, there are some who express road rage toward bicyclists. The reasons for this are many and is a complex topic in its own right. However one common reason is that bicyclists are difficult to pass on narrow roads. This can cause an impatient motorist to vent his frustration.

In urban areas, motorists resent bicyclists who flout the rules of the road that motorists must adhere to. Sometimes a bicyclist will respond to a honking horn with a rude gesture that angers the motorist who then responds with an act of road rage. Motorists who encounter rudeness or disregard for the traffic laws from several bicyclists may develop a deep hostility toward all bicyclists. Likewise, bicyclists experiencing road rage from motorists also carry around a good deal of anger.

What is clear from road rage interactions between motorists and bicyclists is that the pointless cycle of anger only leads to more anger. Neither the motorist nor the bicyclist is “taught a lesson” from the other. Expressing anger only leads to escalation. There is no place for vigilantism. Enforcing the rules of the road is the job of the police officer.

How To Deal With Motorist Road Rage

How should a bicyclist respond to road rage from a motorist? If the driver honks his horn or shouts or makes gestures, you should avoid any actions that escalate the situation. Avoid eye contact and allow the motorist plenty of space. If the motorist throws objects, endangers you with his car, or takes other actions that threaten you, call the police immediately.

Rules that motorists must obey such as observing stop signs, stop lights, yield signs, and riding on the right side of the road apply to bicyclists as well. If you are moving slower than the flow of traffic, stay well to the right side of the road.

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