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Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents

During the fall and winter holidays, we see wonderful decorations, family and friends. We give gifts, and we eat fantastic food. Unfortunately, we also see an increase in the number of car accidents. Especially drunk driving accidents. Drunk driving or impaired driving is always a problem, no matter what time of the year it is. However, there seems to be an increase in drunk driving incidents during the holiday seasons.

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The reasons this may happen are the fact that it becomes dark earlier than it did a few months ago. It also gets colder during this time, and the cold weather and the early nights can cause people to drink. Even people who do not normally drink, may have a few drinks during this time of year just because they see it, and others are drinking as well. People are going to parties at their family and friends’ homes and parties at their workplace, and there is likely a presence of alcohol there.

In the state of California, police officers do increase their use of DUI checkpoints. However, San Juan Capistrano injury attorney advises everyone to take the necessary precautions. During the holidays, even the New Year, you will likely share the highway with someone who is driving impaired.

Injury Attorney | How to Handle Impaired Drivers

If you are on the highway, and you have a feeling that someone is driving drunk, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Call 911 or any other number that is used to report a suspected impaired driver
  • Do not get to close to the vehicle of the suspected drunk driver

During these times, it is we advise that you try not to drive when too late at night. If you plan on having a bit of fun, you should inform someone who you trust that you will need a designated driver. On the other hand, you could always call a cab. If you are with anyone who parties a little too hard and drinks too much, make sure that person makes it home without driving their own vehicle.

Have you or anyone you know ever been involved in an accident because a person was driving under the influence, contact us for a consultation.

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