Orange County Personal Injury Attorney: Safe And Productive Second Half Of The School Year

As children and teachers are preparing to head back to school after the Christmas/New Year break, they are preparing to get back into the school routine. When school is in session, there is always an increased risk of someone getting injured, whether it is from a bus accident, bicycle accident, vehicle crash, or pedestrian accident.

As everyone gets back into the swing of things after the enjoyable weeks of being away from school, it is important to follow the rules of the road. Children will be walking to school, getting on the bus, or playing around as children do. Having few daylight hours can increase the difficulty of a driver seeing children in to road.

An Orange County personal injury attorney has some advice and tips that could help everyone have a great start to the second half of the school year, as well as a great year.

Safety On A Bicycle

If a child rides a bicycle to school, he or she should always be well-protected. To encourage your child to wear the bicycle equipment, you can let him or her choose the helmet, reflectors, or other bike equipment. Although your children may not want to hear you lecture them about safety, it is never a bad idea to give them good tips before they leave the house in the morning.


If your elementary school children walk to school, they should either be accompanied by a group of other children with a young adult in that group or a much older adult. Before they cross the street, they should always look both ways at least twice before they cross the road. Remind your children to not ride their bicycle or walk behind a driver’s blind spot.

Everyone should always be alert and be prepared to stop at any moment. All drivers should take caution, especially when you see the lights on the school bus. Remember that children will be getting on and off the school bus. We want everyone to be safe, and we want all drivers and children to feel safe when they are traveling during school hours. If everyone takes caution and does what they should do, everyone can have a safe and productive start to the second half of the 2014-2015 school year.

If you or someone you know is ever injured in a traffic accident or pedestrian accident, and you need help, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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