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Dangers of Poorly Secured Cargo

Many drivers have had to dodge the occasional piece of road debris. Sometimes the debris is quite dangerous. Such as a load of bricks or lumber presents a serious traffic hazard. Another common sight is an open trailer bumping violently along behind the vehicle towing it.

Poorly secured cargo is not just the domain of commercial truckers or the independent business operator. Any person owning a pickup truck or renting a trailer can haul improperly secured cargo. Poorly secured loads cause tens of thousands of accidents in the U.S. every year. Objects lying on the road or falling off a vehicle may cause loss of control of the cars that run over or try to dodge them. In a number of instances, objects have crashed through windshields causing fatalities to the occupants inside the car.

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Loads that are not properly secured may shift at the wrong moment. This can cause rollover accidents or trailers to jackknife. Why do people haul cargo in such a dangerous fashion? Sometimes they are in a hurry to meet a delivery schedule and decide to take the risk or perhaps they have been doing this for a long time without incident. Often it is a simple case of failing to exercise reasonable care such as when a person sloppily loads furniture into the back of his pickup truck.

An improperly secured load is usually an act of negligence. If you get hurt because of an accident caused by poorly secured cargo, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries and should seek the advice of a Mission Viejo injury attorney.

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim

Allow plenty of empty road space ahead of you at all times. The distance should give you at least three seconds of reaction time. If you see a vehicle dropping debris on the road, slow down and increase your distance. Whenever you are following a vehicle that is carrying cargo, plan ahead about what you will do if an object falls on the road.

For advice on getting compensation for an injury caused by poorly secured cargo, contact us today.

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