When Should You Consult A Mission Viejo Injury Attorney About Filing A Lawsuit After An Accident?

The holiday season come and gone, but millions of people all across the globe still have to hit the highways to travel to and from their destinations. Unfortunately, some of those drivers and passengers will be involved in some type of vehicle accident. Not every vehicle accident will be tragic, and not all of those accidents will cause a lawsuit to be filed.

Sometimes if the damages to a vehicle are not too serious, they can be covered by someone’s insurance. On the other hand, there will be times when insurance claims will not cover the damages and it will not cover the injuries someone has sustained from the accident. In these times, some people will need to contact a Mission Viejo accident attorney in order to file a car accident lawsuit to get everything you should be compensated for because of the vehicle accident.

How does someone make the decision on if they should file a lawsuit or not? The decision to file or not file a lawsuit should be a decision that the person filing the lawsuit and the person’s accident lawyer should make. Here are some instances to consider that may require a lawsuit to be filed:

The Other Party Involved Denies Any Wrongdoing

In many cases, the other party involved in the accident will adamantly state that the accident was not caused by him or her. They may even go as far as saying you are the one who was at fault, and you are to blame for the accident. In court, there will be a number of ways to prove who should actually be at fault for the vehicle accident. There are ways to prove if someone did not follow the road laws or if the person was simply not paying attention.

You Have Injuries That Will Have A Major Impact On Your Life

No value can be placed on a person’s life or a person’s injuries. If you have injuries that are serious and not only impact your personal life, but will impact your work life and financial life. There are different things that will be discussed to determine what should be compensated. If the person was at fault because he or she was not following the rules, the injured person can even receive compensation from punitive damages.

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