San Juan Capistrano Injury Attorney: Consumer Products That Fail Us

One of the unfortunate consequences of globalism is that poorly designed or manufactured consumer products can find their way into our homes. Even relying on familiar stores and company brands is no guarantee that the product you purchase will not cause harm. This is because outsourcing product design and manufacture overseas is a common business practice today. Serious injuries also happen when well designed and manufactured products fail to provide a warning of hidden dangers.

If a defective product causes you harm, there is no reason why the medical costs of recovery from your injury and loss of income should be shouldered by you alone. You have the right to compensation from those responsible and should get the advice of a San Juan Capistrano injury attorney.

Some common types of injury are listed below:

Strangulation Hazard

Products that pose this type of hazard primarily affect children. These products may have power cords or drawstrings that endanger the child. In 2014 there were a number of recalls of hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings that could get caught on playground slides and on various moving objects. Another recalled product was a tray for baby strollers that could trap the child’s head should he or she slide down through the stroller.

Choking Hazard

This category includes toys with small parts that can fit into a child’s mouth. Sometimes the toy is easily broken which gives the child access to small parts within. A recently recalled beanbag chair allowed easy access to the foam beads within because of an easy to use zipper. Spotting products within this category is very difficult because the hazard can be present in unlikely products such as a brand of soft soled shoes that were recalled last year. The small metal eyelets for lacing the shoe were detaching and creating a hazard.

Fall Hazard

Recalled products with the potential for serious injury include bicycles with front wheels that detached because of weak front forks and infant carriers with defective buckles that can break and allow the infant to fall out. A child’s swing manufactured in Vietnam was recalled last year because the suspension fittings could fail causing the child to fall.

Amputation Hazard

A number of baby strollers were recalled in recent years because folding hinges on the side could pinch or amputate a child’s finger.

Fire Hazard

Products that present a fire hazard may have an electrical defect, leak a flammable substance, or overheat. These products include space heaters, overheating laptop computer batteries, battery chargers, ac power cords, fuel hoses, and lawn mowers that leak fuel. A recent recall involved a fire detector that fails to sound an alarm. Although the device itself does not cause a fire, its failure can cause loss of life and property.

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