Mission Viejo Injury Attorney Advice: Protecting Your Children In The Car

Keeping a child safe in a car may seem like it is easy. You probably look at several cars that have the best crash test scores and the best car technology that you could find. You put your children in the back seat, strap him or her securely in the age-appropriate car seat, and you think your child is safe. Driving a safe car and making sure your child is strapped securely in the car seat can definitely help keep your child safe in a car crash, but tragic things can happen when other people are not being careful when driving.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths of young children. Every year there will be hundreds or thousands of precious children being injured or killed in a car accident. As a Mission Viejo car accident attorney, we understand the kind of sadness and devastation a child’s death or major injury can bring to a family.

Every time we get behind the wheel or in a passenger seat, there are several factors that will have an impact on your lives. Many of these things will be beyond our control. You can be on the same road as a drunk driver, a driver who did not get enough sleep, a driver who is changing the radio station, a commercial truck driver who is fatigued, or the driver who is texting or talking on the cell phone. We can not control these things, but as a parent, you can control whether your child is using the car seat or booster seat that is age-appropriate.

If we all make sure that are children are secure in the vehicle, if we are ever involved in a car accident, we will increase the chances of our children avoiding a major injury or a tragic death. You will not be able to protect your children from every single thing in the world, but you can do your part by protecting them in your vehicle.

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