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Staring into the azure waters of the Pacific, a calm breeze gently nudges against the sail of your new boat.  After a relaxing day out at sea, you decide to head back to the marina. You meet up with a few friends for dinner at one of your favorite, local restaurants.  Reaching the dock, you secure your boat and venture over to the parking lot.

Climbing into the front seat of your car, you buckle your seatbelt and push the key into the ignition.  Making sure to check your mirrors before pulling out of the spot, you leave the parking space and journey onto Dana Drive.  Following such a tranquil afternoon, you have no idea how quickly your day is about to change.

Suddenly, as you approach the intersection to leave the point, a car speeding along Island Way takes the turn on two wheels and skids into oncoming traffic.  Doing your best to avoid a head-on collision, you swerve your vehicle onto a nearby lawn.  Unable to fully avoid the dangerous path made by the other driver, their front bumper crashes into the side of your automobile.  Whipping around a full one hundred eighty degrees, your car finally rests in the opposite direction you were originally travelling.

accident lawyer

Pushing the airbag away from your face, you unbuckle your seatbelt and reach for the door handle.  As soon as your head turns in the direction of the window, a razor-sharp pain emanates from the back of your neck.  Realizing that you will not be able to safely vacate the vehicle, you pull out your phone and dial emergency services.  Instead of meeting your friends for dinner after such a relaxing day, you will now be headed to the hospital.

Have you been in an accident? Contact an accident lawyer today!

Even though you take every precaution to prevent a car accident, have you recently been struck by a speeding driver?  If so, then you may be eligible for compensation.  Let our expert team of Dana Point Accident lawyers at Silverthorne Attorneys get you the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us today for  a free consultation.

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